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Miriam was born in Spain where she began her dance training at the age of 6. Although her passion began with flamenco, it was by chance that she discovered her love for Musical Theater in a small theater in Madrid, Spain on a day her parents had no babysitting services and had no choice but to take her with them to the theater. At the age of 11 she left Spain to come to the United States where her dream came true, a Spanish company was on tour in Miami and hired her professionally at the age of 13. The tour lasted 3 years and she was nominated as best young actress. 

At the age of 15 she auditioned for New World School of the Arts magnet high school and made it in to the musical theatre program. After high school she got a master’s degree in education and taught elementary, middle and high school for 20 years while she continued to teach flamenco and produced plays with her students. She has collaborated with companies such as Grateli, Codeso, Ballet Etudes, Creative Dance Studio and Kirova Ballet.

In 2012 she founded BBharts and piloted the program in Mater Gardens Elementary School together with Sara Valera, her former student. Sara became her right hand and part of the family with her sister Sayra. For the last 7 years, Miriam has had the honor to direct and teach in BBharts while passing on her vision to her husband Alex De Francisco, and daughters Abigail, Noemi and Sayra, who are now part of the staff.

BBharts board of directors is composed by Miriam's former students and moms: an attorney, an accountant, a nurse, and corporate professionals who are not only successful professionals but believe in her and the BBharts vision that... Every Child was Created on Purpose for a purpose.”


BBharts stands alone as one of the only Bilingual Performing Arts Academies that produces original Musical Theater Productions with an original message. BBharts has produced, a total of 6 full musical productions, where Miriam has written and directed, but Human is the first ever company show! Its message is one of mental health awareness and compassion to all humans, but most importantly our youth.

Miriam will continue to direct many new projects, but those who know Miriam know that this is only the beginning...

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