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Musical Theater Productions

All of our Musical Theater productions are BBharts original! Written and Directed by Us! Our productions are never just an “ordinary show”. They are always done with purpose and for a purpose, bringing together all the performing arts to tell a story and spread a meaningful message! 

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Traveling Events

Disney’s Broadway Experience

Last summer our musical theater students traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and not only did they experience a one on one musical theater workshop with one of their cast members from Disney’s Fining Nemo the Musical! But also performed on the Disney Springs Stage!

Dance the Magic

Our BBharts Dancers also participated in Disney’s Dance the Magic! Where they performed in Hollywood Studios and were a part of the Disney’s Parade down Mainstreet!

Dance the Magic Sea

Our Dancers took their talent to the seas, with Dance the Magic Sea! Not only did they enjoy a three-day cruise to the Bahamas with their friends and family but danced alongside a beautiful ocean view and perform for the all the cursers on board!

Disney's Broadway Experience

Competition Team

Our competition team has traveled all around the state of Florida and competed in competitions such as “Shake the Ground” “Dance Makers” “Tremaine” and “Jump” Placing first in both regionals and nationals!

Community Events

Missions Trips

In 2015, we traveled to Cartagena, Colombia and visited the small village of Villahermosa. A village of poverty where everyday necessities such as shoes and water are very limited. BBharts in collaboration with Happy Kids Foundation after several months of collecting shoes and preparation. Flew to Colombia and participated in “Operation Cinderella” where we cleaned the children’s feet and gave them shoes to ware. But we could not leave Colombia without reassuring to the children that they were created on purpose and for a purpose! So, we created a Hart-2-Hart in Colombia where the children learned about our twelve values and sang and danced!

BBharts Community Events

Bovo Events

Our dancers love performing for our community and participating in commissioner Bovos festivals and events!

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Hart Games

Since BBharts is a value-based program and we believe that every child was created on purpose and for a purpose! We want to make sure that all of our children believe it too! Through our annual “Hart Games” we put their knowledge of our twelve values to the test! 


Quarter Quests

Our quarter quests are quarterly events hosted twice a year as a form of celebrating not only our accomplishments but also testing our knowledge of the values that we have learned in the first half of the year! Quarter quests also serve as a preparation for our Hart Games!

Mini Business

Mini Expos

Through our mini expos, our mini entrepreneurs work towards creating their own business, product, concept and pitch. And after weeks of preparation, they are able to open shop and sell their products to the public!



Just like the show “Shark-Tank” after multiple expos and evaluation of their profit and loss. Our mini entrepreneurs, form a business plan and pitch to present to a panel of investors to determine if they are given a deal to continue their business.

Studio & Family Events

Annual Thanksgiving Potluck

Because we are so grateful for our children and their families! Every year before thanksgiving we gather in front of BBharts for our annual Thanksgiving potluck where we feast and share our gratitude!


Award Ceremony

Every year we like to celebrate our fabulous students’ accomplishments and hard work! At our annual award ceremonies, we get the chance to look back and see are growth as well as enjoy a beautiful afternoon with family and BBharts friends! 


Contact BbHarts at (786) 773-1090 or email