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Piano/Keyboard lessons for focus on piano basics; learning to read notes, read rhythms, play scales, play basic chords and other tools essential to play any style of music.As well as building a portfolio of songs. Basic music theory will also be taught. Students are able to choose part of their repertoire based on what they enjoy, making lessons exciting and motivating. 


In Drums you will learn the fundamentals of playing the drum kit. You will be introduced to the basic rhythms and grooves of the drum kit. As we progress, we will teach you different drum beat permutations and patterns. We will also discuss how these beats and rhythms can fit into different songs.


Guitar classes are normally taught in a one on one curriculum which include areas of concentration such as introduction and mastery of correct posture, note reading, aural skills, flat-picking, singing songs, rhythmic patterns, chord study, finger-picking styles, musical forms, improvisation and performing experiences


Contact BbHarts at (786) 773-1090 or email