Student Eligibility: 

Students must be: 


1. Between the ages of 3-18 to be eligible for the scholarship 


2. Miami-Dade or Broward County residents 


3. Experiencing unique hardship whether it be financial, a loss in the family, or any significant event that has caused emotional, mental and/or physical distress on the student.

4. Demonstrate exemplary talent in any area of the performing arts (singing, dancing and/or acting). 


5. If selected for a scholarship, must attend all required classes to be eligible for awards and participate in our Musical Theater Productions. 

Application Instructions:

1. Complete the application as directed. A student’s mentor (director, teacher, guidance counselor who has first-hand knowledge and experience with the student) must nominate the student to be considered for the scholarship. However, the student is required to complete the Student Bio as well as all other elements of the application. The nominator may assist if requested by the student to do so.


2. Submit the application before the deadline on Saturday, January 1, 2022


3. Attend the Onboarding Orientation on Zoom (Date/Time TBA)


4. Complete the Audition portion of the application taking place at BBharts (Date/Time TBA)


5. Awards recipients will be announced by the end of January 2022


6. Direct any questions to Sara Valera info@bbharts.com or 786-773-1090