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What are your visions for your children? Have you taken the time to write down where you want to be in a year? 

Are you surrounding yourself with people of vision?

Join Mrs. D and the BBharts family in a series of 12 Visionary parties in 2021.The goal is to inspire women of all ages through vision, mentorship and the love of friends and family. 

What makes this January visionary party special is that you will create an initial vision board that will serve as point of reference to achieving your goals. Each month we will then target a specific area of the vision board with an expert on the subject that will be invited as a mentor. They will share their skills, knowledge and strategies to help us expand our vision and bring it to pass.

The real and powerful one will be the result of 11 months of growth and mentorship.  

All visionary parties will be held in inspirational locations where our imagination can be free and our visions can become limitless. Not only will we experience growth as individuals but also as a family.  Visionary parties will empower us and bring us closer the people we love most.


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